Durum USA

Flux cored wires and powders for Thermal Spraying and Welding.

For more than 25 years the DURUM VERSCHLEISS-SCHUTZ GMBH has developed to one of the most famous producers and suppliers for hard-facing materials and surface solutions.
Where the competitors comes to an end, we see our challenge. Due to consistent innovative solutions we are able to optimize the expansion for hard-facing materials.

Our research and development enable us to offer our clients the newest generation of hard-facing materials. These nanostructured resisting layers can be applied by thermal spraying, as well as through conventional welding processes.
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Additional Information

N/A Our development does not only target the improvement of the properties but also considers the economical premises of the raw materials development and availability.

DURMAT® NANO-hard-facing system solves problems of modern functional surfaces in terms of:
  • Wear
  • Erosion
  • Corrosion
  • High temperature corrosion
The aim of our development is a multitude of hard-facing systems using DURUM wires and powders to find application and tailor made solutions. Our hard-facing solutions are a guarantor for continuous improvement of productivity, reduction of downtime and general reliability.

Our know-how with respect to the engaged process technology afford our customers a great competitive advantage especially for the international competition.